Let's work together to promote sustainability! Whether you're planning events, managing a business, or running a restaurant or café, we offer eco-friendly food and beverage products to support your endeavors. Partner with us to access high-quality, sustainable options that align with your values and goals.


As sponsors and partners of numerous events, BioHub products have proven to be a great solution for large gatherings.

Eco Events

Prepare environmentally conscious events with our products that support sustainable consumption

Personalized Branding

Create personalized eco-friendly products for your events and special occasions

Educational Seminars

Organize educational seminars and workshops on sustainability in food consumption with the support of our products

Biodegradable Catering

Our offer enables you to provide biodegradable food and beverage options at your events, promoting sustainability and responsibility

Companies & Enterprises

BioHub encourages small, medium, and large enterprises toward environmental
awareness and change.

Office Supplies

Equip your offices with our eco-friendly food and beverage products, supporting sustainable business practices

Corporate Events and Promotions

Provide eco-conscious gifts for your employees and business partners, promoting environmental care

Office Eco Beverage Program

Make office breaks more sustainable with our range of eco-friendly food and beverage products

Eco-Business Initiatives

By partnering with us, you support green initiatives and contribute to sustainable business

Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes

Biorazgradive čaše i poklopci su idealan izbor za kafu za poneti, i dolaze u raznim veličinama.

Ecological Offer

Diversify your service with our eco-certified products, attracting environmentally conscious consumers

Local Suppliers

Support local communities by collaborating with local suppliers of eco-friendly products

Innovative Approach

Utilize our products to create a healthy environment and raise awareness about environmental protection

Responsible Business

Provide your guests with sustainable options when consuming food and beverages, highlighting your commitment to environmental protection

If you are interested

Contact us so we can find the right solution for your needs!

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