Eco evolution,
BioHub revolution!

BioHub is a family-owned company established in Belgrade in 2022 by enthusiasts, nature lovers, and advocates, offering a wide range of biodegradable and environmentally friendly disposable packaging for cold and hot beverages, as well as food packaging, eco-friendly cutlery, paper straws, and much more.

Our belief

We are dedicated to creating positive changes in our environment by providing innovative solutions in the field of eco-friendly packaging. Our team consists of a group of experts with a deep belief that it is possible to adopt environmentally friendly practices without compromising on quality and practicality.


Circular Economy

BioHub Belgrade is not just a retail location - we are part of the movement towards a circular economy. We actively promote recycling and reuse to reduce waste and conserve resources.

Education and advice

We believe that change starts with education. We provide information, resources, and advice to help you easily adopt eco-friendly practices in your everyday life or business.

Solutions for You

We are ready to collaborate with you and tailor our products to your needs. We offer personalized solutions for your eco-friendly packaging.


Our mission is simple - we want to inspire and enable everyone to take steps towards a more sustainable way of life through the use of eco-friendly packaging. We believe that every individual, every company, has the power to contribute to the preservation of our planet.


BioHub will one day be the largest eco-friendly HUB in Serbia, under whose roof all eco-revolutionaries will be able to produce, sell, or promote alternative eco-friendly solutions in their specialized industries.

More products coming soon!

The existing BioHub product range will soon be expanded!